I'm Samantha Burns, but you can call me Sam. I’m 17 years old but the arts have been in my heart since the day I was born. As a child I was always scheming up some type of artistic project- whether it was coloring, painting, making bracelets, or even chalk on my driveway.

My passion for photography began three years ago when I saved every penny I could lay my hands on to finally purchase my very own DSLR camera at the end of the summer. Henna tattoo art is a hobby I picked up because I enjoy the gorgeous intricate designs. I have always loved the art of typography— design and videography are a few of other many forming hobbies. With maturation and increasing passion, my work has become more conceptual. Do not hesitate to contact me for any creative needs- hope to have you join me on my creative journey.

Give Love!

Sam :)

instagram: @sambrrns